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The Technology Labs Assistance Program (TLAP) is designed to provide Connecticut entrepreneurs and businesses with easy access to the manufacturing resources and services available at the participating organizations. The current collaboration includes the University of Hartford, Goodwin College, and the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology. TLAP was created as part of the Hartford/East Hartford Innovation Places Initiative which is striving to make the area a more vibrant hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. Because of its affiliation with the Innovation Places Initiative, certain TLAP applicants may be eligible to receive substantial funding assistance on projects performed by the participating organizations. Funding for the project subsidies is generously made possible by the support of CTNext.

Please review the form below to prepare for your submission. Only fully completed applications will be processed. Companies not in "good standing" with the CT Department of Revenue Services or Department of Labor are not eligible to apply.

You should anticipate receiving a project quote within 30 days of submitting this application

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3. Type of Assistance Being Sought

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5. Certification & Signature

  By checking this box, I, , certify to the best of my knowledge that the company meets the eligibility requirements for this program and that all of the information provided herein and on the accompanying attachments is accurate as stated. I also understand that if awarded funding under the TLAP program, that my organization will be responsible for providing a minimum match of 100% of the amount awarded.

Public Announcement:

Please be advised that your company and project may be highlighted in a press release and/or used for Economic Development Metrics issued by the state. Every effort shall be made to protect Company proprietary or trade secret information.